About 2-3 percent of the population use prescription drugs. The elderly are the group that because they have more illnesses as they get older. Whites, are more likely to abuse prescription drug, than other ethnic groups. The misunderstanding of the consequences of taking drugs can lead to severe pain.

The language in the play Macbeth has a large effect on the tension created because Shakespeare has use different techniques such as similes, metaphors and personification. This has not only created tension but has also hook the reader because it makes it sound more interesting. Shakespeare has succesfully used great language techniques in the line […]

Task 1 The rich gets poorer and so does the poor because of tax and of the earnings of the people but the rates and the speed of the 2 is different the richer guy will become poorer slower and the poorer guy gets more poorer faster, that is why economy is unfair. Also uneven […]

In  Macbeth there are many ways Shakespeare creates tension throughout the play such as dramatic irony, soliloquies and the language. The first technique is dramatic irony is when the audience knows something the characters do not. One good example is when Macbeth sees the witches for the first time and is not sure whether to […]

in this scene the English troops are outside Dunsinane castle and are ready for war against the tyrant “Macbeth” and is getting A bit cocky ( is the nicest way I could say it ) and is getting ready for war.        

Macbeth has become more blood thirsty and agressive witch has therefore caused him the urge to get everything the witches said not think about anyone and has got back at him by making him mad, when Banquo ghost comes

In act 3 scene 5 the leader of the witches is speaking to there goddess ,Hecate , and she is angry at the witches because the have meddled with his mind witch causes him to kill his friends. A quote to prove her anger “How did you dare to trade and traffic with Macbeth in […]

Shakespeare has decided to use figurative language and descriptive language to show Macbeths guilt.

Guilt is acknowledging a crime or a harmful action while remorse regretting the actions and taking steps to undo damage.    

In this scene lady Macbeth and Macbeth are talking about the assassination of Banquo but now Macbeth is the more bloodthirsty and lady Macbeth is more cautious. A quote to prove this “gentle my lord.”